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Archibald Granville Bush Science Center Dedication Celebration

November 13, 2013 | EventsNews

Archibald Granville Bush Science Center Dedication Celebration

The dedication of the Archibald Granville Bush Science Center at Rollins College “blinded” the Foundation, distinguished guests and students with science – and philanthropy!

The newly renovated and expanded Bush Science Center comes complete with 30 labs and classrooms and is now over 100,000 square feet in size. These advancements provide Rollins with the ability to enhance studies in math and the sciences, both central to a Rollins liberal arts education. The renovations and expansion were made possible in part by a $1 million dollar donation awarded to the Science Center by the Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation.

Our Board of Directors and staff were in attendance for the celebration and enjoyed an afternoon filled with music, excitement and of course, the love of science! We were proud to be joined by Jen Ford Reedy, President of the Bush Foundation, our sister foundation in Saint Paul Minnesota. Together, the Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation and the Bush Foundation celebrate 100 years of philanthropy in 2013!

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