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March 21, 2013 | News

Foundation Presents “Art of Philanthropy” Award at The 54th Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival

The inaugural Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation “Art of Philanthropy” award was presented to international photographer Greg Davis of Austin, Texas for his photograph “Blanket Weaver” at The 54th Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival (WPSAF). The photograph features a woman’s hands dyed green and blue as a result of her blanket weaving. Davis captured this moment during his 2005 trip to Vietnam.

The “Art of Philanthropy” award recognizes the piece of artwork that expresses “the love of mankind” and represents philanthropy at its very best. “There were so many gifted artists showcasing their talent at this year’s festival,” says President David Odahowski. “Mr. Davis’ photo stood out as embodying the love of mankind, because at its core, philanthropy doesn’t have to mean large financial contributions or big gestures. Sometimes, just lending a hand is the most philanthropic act a person can make.”

The “Blanket Weaver” received a purchase prize of $5,000 and will be on permanent display at the Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation offices in Winter Park, Florida. Davis plans to return to Vietnam in the near future to find the blanket-weaving woman he captured with his camera years ago, guided solely by his photograph and tell her story.

The “Art of Philanthropy” award brings together two Winter Park Institutions, the Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation and The Winter Park Sidewalk Arts Festival.