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How do you transport $2.5 million in school supplies from Minnesota to Orlando?

August 29, 2014 | News

How do you transport $2.5 million in school supplies from Minnesota to Orlando?

How do you transport $2.5 million in school supplies from Minnesota to Orlando?

Call the Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation, of course!

Support from the Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation will underwrite the costs of shipping a $2.5 million school supply donation to A Gift For Teaching (AGFT) from Target distribution centers in Minnesota. This supply donation from Minneapolis-based Target – part of the retailer’s national back-to-school giving campaign – is the largest in the history of AGFT and will ensure that the 180,000 underserved students in Central Florida will come to school with the learning tools they need to succeed.

Target’s back to school Buy One, Give One program made the donation to the Kids In Need Foundation, which operates a national network of resource centers that provide free school supplies for students in need. A Gift For Teaching (AGFT) is among the oldest and largest resource centers in the network and will receive 302 pallets of supplies valued at nearly $2.5 million. The supplies donated consist of the critical learning tools that are the most challenging for AGFT to provide to underserved students on a year-round basis. This is the single largest donation AGFT has ever received at one time by nearly double, both in volume and value.

This rare opportunity presents AGFT with two unique challenges: 1.) Securing funding to transport the supplies from Minneapolis to Orlando and 2.) Locating surplus warehouse space to receive and house the product for a minimum of three months. The Foundation’s grant of $25,640 will defray the freight charges to bring the donation from Minneapolis to Orlando, and cover operating expenses and insurance while the product is warehoused off site.

This donation comes at a critical time for AGFT, as the organization launches an online ordering system and a mini mobile unit called the “Pencil Boy Express”. These new product distribution methods will complement AGFT’s Free Store, providing teachers with innovative ways of getting school supplies to their students in need. Securing Target’s major school supply donation ensures that AGFT’s Free Store and new distribution methods will remain stocked with the most needed supplies.

The Foundation is pleased to assist AGFT with getting this generous donation into the hands of Central Florida school children. We think Edyth and Archie, who made the trip from Minnesota to Orlando numerous times, would approve!